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Seeking Lost Sam/Dean Non-Con Prison Fic...
yeah! by..., Oh
loustat wrote in spnlostfic

Hey all! I come to you again needing your help in finding a specific Sam/Dean Prison story that I came across a while back, but can't remember where and once again didn't save it...I gotta stop dong that!! *Smacks Forehead*
I actually never read the fic itself but from the summary, it was something about Sam being raped by inmates and it was somehow Dean's fault and Dean felt guilty as hell. Like a plan gone wrong or something? It seemed like a really interesting story and would really like to read it.

Sorry I can't be any more specific then that and I'm sure there are several stories out there that fit the bill, which is even better! *Grins*

Hope y'all can help and thanks in advance!<3

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If you're still looking for it, it might be this one

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