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LF specific author/fics
vodou_blue wrote in spnlostfic

Does anyone happen to have docs/pdfs or live links to any of these fics by keepaofthecheez (who is now strippedpink)?

There Moves A Thread That Has No End

I Don’t Want To Be In Love [But You’re Making Me]

Why Don’t You Do Right (Like Some Other Guys Do)

The LJ is f-locked, and I can’t get any response from the author after I friended. The new LJ implies it contains all the author’s fics, but there is actually only one. It sounds like the author intends to keep sharing fic, so I don’t think I’m going against wishes by asking around.

If I am mistaken, then please respect the author’s wishes, but if sharing is still allowed, then I’d appreciate any/all help you lovely Comm members can give me.

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There are a lot of keepofthecheez story's on sinful desire maybe you find what you're looking for there.

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