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Desperate Specific Wincest Fic Search.
lonepanther wrote in spnlostfic
Hello. Well. I've already posted this over at spnstoryfinders, but, as I never seem to have very much luck over there, thought I moight post it here, see if I get a nibble.

Okay, the fic I'm looking for; its alot like "When it Crackles, by Lyra-Wing, who, I'm sure most of you know. Not one hundred percent sure if they get married, but, they do go to some tight knot community, and, sleep together. I always thought it WAS Crackles, but, in the one I'm looking for, Sam leaves, and, comes back, and, everyone is pissed of at him for leaving Dean, who, seemed to have turned gay during the fic, which, I LOVED. Also, cute part at the end scene, where, Dean chases Sam around the impla, cause he put a mp3 player in it. All of this is in it, especially the last part, or, I'll eat My hat. I really do hate to keep posting questions, seeing, its embarrassing to not be able to find what your after, but, desperate here. Help? Please? LonePanther.


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