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Sam/Dean Lost Fic! Help!
yeah! by..., Oh

Hey Everyone!

There's a story I had recently printed out about Sam and Dean, but I didn't get the name of it or its writer. I assumed the story was a one-shot and it wasn't until I got to the end of the story that I realized it's actually an on-going fanfic.

I'll put the search under the cut so I won't spoil it for anyone who is interested and Hope you can help!<3


THANKS TO vodou_blue! For those interested, here's the link. Enjoy!

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LF: Specific J2 or S/D fic

Fic description under cut.

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Paradise Lost crossover
king of the jungle
I think it's from Castiel's pov and he's remembering Abdiel, who has already died during the war. It was over a year ago.

LF: 3 specific SPN fics

I'm looking for 3 SPN fics...more undercut

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Seeking Dean/Sam Future Story....
yeah! by..., Oh
Hello all!

So, it's been a while since I've asked for help finding a story, but this time, I really do need your help. Because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hates spoilers, my search for this story is under the cut in detail.

Hope y'all can help!

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rps, J2, exchange of crappiest scripts given to wanna be actors
Joan d`Arc

I`d really appreciate help in finding this one. It was fine rps ff, but somehow I lost a track of it.

It`s about pack of wanna be actors, who struggle to be stars. There is tradition that once a while they meet up in Jensen`s apartment, drink and exchange the weirdest, shittiest scripts they`ve got in the last few weeks (something about one legged hooker being info provider for some private detectiv, whatever:). Then they laugh, drink and wait for their chance, living slowly from money earned on  doing commercials and such. They help eachother when they can.

Jensen is a friend of Jared. Jared gets to go for  rehearsal and is nervous, so Jen  agrees to accompany him. Jared doesnt know that rehearsal is for playing gay role, lies fo the director about being gay and that his bf is waiting for him in the corridor. It ends up that Jared gets gay role, starts his more real acting, Jensens help as PA or sth on the plan. They play being couple...dont remember much after that...

Thanks in advance!


Fic Help!
JDM-Accidental Husband-Cake
I read this awesome fic a few months ago and needless to say it was Epic. Epic!-Epic. I remember it was definitely more than 40K, and here's the bottom line:

Jensen is a hooker-for-hire in LA
Jared, a struggling actor, is hired by Jensen's 'agency' to drive him around and make sure that he gets everything done and not get beat up
J2 most definitely
Chris Kane, Steve Carlson, Sandy (Sandra McCoy) and CMM cameo

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and for any clarifications: just ask!

ETA: FOUND: Do I Seem Bulletproof to You? by fleshflutter

Sam pov during season four
king of the jungle
There's this fic(drabble, maybe?) from Sam's pov.  There's a scene I remember where he wonders how long it would have taken Dean to become a demon just for Alistair's approval.  It's in response to Dean saying something like, "Even Alistair never told me he was proud."  I think it took place after 4.16, but that could be wrong.

I believe it still a wip
Ravenclaw books
it's a multi-chapter where Dean gets turned into a werewolf and then he turns Sam because he wants him to be his mate. Their dad tries to kill them and Bobby shows up, along with the pack that turned Dean. There's also a ritual where I think Sam gathers hearts to perform a ceremony of some kind. The author is on LJ and I believe she has blue somewhere in her name and one of the chapters is titled "Heat" and I want to say the title is Lumos or something along those lines. The author also has some other stories that are AU.

ETA Found

it's a wip and it's au
I don't remember much.

Jared and Jensen worked together, I think maybe they were construction workers. Jensen has a child from when he was married for like a month. The story seemed to stall when the child's grandparents (on his mother's side) wanted to take him away.


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