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The Supernatural and CW RPS Lost Fic Comm

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Locating specific lost Supernatural and CW RPS fics

Rules and Guidelines
  • This comm is for finding specific fics only. Please don't ask for recs or a laundry list of fics where Dean turns into a girl (for example). Both Supernatural and CW RPS requests are allowed.

  • LJ-cut long, objectionable, or graphic descriptions and spoilers for episodes.

  • Requests for fics with spoilers from the most recent episodes should go behind the cut. Give it at least one week after the episode has aired in the US, there are many people in fandom who can't watch it live.

  • The tags are used to index the posts in this comm, so PLEASE check those to see if your request has already been posted. Members are encouraged to tag their own posts for more efficient indexing.

  • Keep it neat. Don't force font colors, bold your entire post, use giant font size, etc. In addition, do not use Rich Text mode when posting, as it has a tendency to unintentionally screw around with the coding.

  • Keep it concise. We don't care if you just got a tattoo and your cat Fluffy just died and you're feeling really down and could someone please link you to the fic where Dean has a tattoo of his cat. Just say what you're looking for.

  • dOnT tAiP lYkE tIs. Use grammar, punctuation, and your brain.

  • Use descriptive subject lines to summarize what you're looking for.

  • Absolutely NO bashing of characters, pairings, other members of fandom, significant others, etc. will be tolerated.

  • Please add ETA: FOUND onto your post once the fic is found. Do not strike through your entry--doing so will make it difficult to read for others who may be seeking the same fic.

  • All posts are moderated to ensure that the rules are followed. If your post is rejected, please edit it and try again. We reserve the right to reject or delete any post that does not follow the rules.

Other Fic Finding Resources
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spnstoryfinders: fic finding and themed rec requests
Super Wiki: Crack fic

The graphics for this community were made by alazysod and are used with thanks.