The Supernatural and CW RPS Lost Fic Comm

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Help? :)
Joan d`Arc
cecilytheotocos wrote in spnlostfic
I had small pc problems and lost lots of great links to boot. Amongst those was link to J2, RPS ...

It was AU story, about Jensen being waiter at First Date Cafe (or sth along those lines)Jensen is like a meal  prophet, he matches ppl due to their orders, when they like the same dish, they`ll fit. And well, Jared likes the same dishes as Jensen...

Jared comes to the restaurant everytime with different guy, in search for mr perfect. Jensen sees straight away that these guys are a no go, since they order something totally different from Jared.

I remember only this, hope its accurate enough. I`d be very happy if somebody help me with that one! Thanks in advance!


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Is it Eat, Drink, Love by raina_at

Summary: Cynical waiter Jensen serves Serial Dater Jared's row of first dates.

that`s it :) thank you so much ^^

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